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"We learn from history that we've learned nothing from history."
George Bernard Shaw

Terry Ballard, New York Law School Systems Librarian

My opinions are mine alone, but you may borrow them.

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his page is, and likely will be for some time to come, a work in progress. It is brought to you by Terry Ballard, retired Automation Librarian. I've been in the library field for 46 years now, and in case anybody is wondering, I am the Terry Ballard who was at the Phoenix Public Library for decades. Things have got a lot more interesting since I moved East. Please follow the graphic links below to visit aspects of the cluttered office better known as my life. Welcome!

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I see by tracking software that I get lots of visits to this site, but I hardly ever hear why anyone is looking or if they found what they wanted. I can guess why I get regular visitors from Ireland, but people come from countries that I didn't even know were on the map, and it makes me curious. To that end, I created an online survey that can be taken in about 1 minute. There is no financial incentive or door prize. Just the satisfaction of doing a good deed. Please Click here to take survey.

Answers to survey responders: To the person who wanted us to spread out the data in the typographical errors page so that everything didn't load at once, the others on the typos team thought this was a good idea, so we broke the lists into separate files. Good going. Another reader suggested a link to the typos page from this main page. Sure thing. The reader who requested the ability to look at the typos in different sizes - We've started making the original documents available, so you can rework them any way you please. To Michael, the Harbor Master from Fenit - it's hard not talking about Tralee Bay.


Here is a strange fact I learned in college.
If you look at the constellation Orion at an angle,
you can see the outline of a Scottie dog.


For more of Terry Ballard than most people can stand, visit my complete personal web page at www.terryballard.org

Also, a collection of my photographs from Ireland, New York and everywhere else can be found at Pbase.com

In spite of an overwhelming lack of demand for my daily opinions on matters concerning the future of library science, I've started a Blog at librariansonedge.blogspot.com/, mainly for the experience of the thing.

Praise or criticism can be directed to me at: terryballard@gmail.com.

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