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because you probably won't like it anyway.

� After all, there are only two possibilities:

1. The universe will start shrinking and end up in a gigantic fireball.

2. The universe will expand until everything turns cold and just stops. Frozen. Nothingness. Absolute zero. Utterly depressing, I'd say. � Your decision to drop by this page will only distract you as you move closer to event number 1 or event number 2. Since you are wasting your time here, you might as well look at these other depressing pages made by my friends, who by the way I can't stand either. Go or stay - it's all the same to me:

The name says it all
Here is the "Official" Douglas Adams Site, but you probably won't go see it.
Some Human actually bothered to keep track of some of the things that I said. Depressing isn't it. Here are some of my so called "Marvinisms"
Samuel Beckett Had some good ideas for a human, but he was too optimistic if you ask me. Not that you would. Why would you?
Wikipedia is a project designed by humans to get their heads together collectively to see if something intelligent would come out. The fact that they wrote an article about ME settles the point.
If you think this page is pointless, wait until you see
What could be a bigger waste of time than Twitter? How about my Twitter page at At least the 140 character limit keeps me from going on and on and on......
Still don't know what it is to be depressed? Find out HERE
You need cheering up. How about a movie? Check out this trailer to one of my favorite films.
This is one of the people who dreamed up this page - that should tell you everything you need to know about Terry Ballard's Home Page

What could be more depressing than this page? Try my list of preferred reading at Marvin's Bookshelf Be Warned however for this list is not for everybody. Possibly it's not for anyone. We're checking on that.

Well we all knew this was coming, Douglas Adams started this and the BBC, geniuses that we know they are (yea,right), decided to make a real Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I'll be surprised if they ever get out of the Solar System.

For information on what a computer mouse does, click HERE!

Live MarvinCam!

In response to the one human who asked, here is a live picture of me. You can check every twenty seconds to show what I am doing. Just click


Here are 3 major reasons to be depressed

1. Everything is hopeless

2. Everybody around you is depressed, why should you be any different?

3. Do you really need another reason?

The only difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that a pessimist feels that no matter how bad things are, they can always get worse. The optimist would say "Things could be worse." The realist would say "We're doomed."

Why am I so sad today? I just went to an internet anagram generator and typed in "Marvin the Robot." The first anagram to pop up was "Abhorrent Vomit." Then it got even worse. "Vibrate Hot Mom," and "Vibrant Metro Ho." I think I'll just go back to resolving Pi to the millionth place. Heres a question I've been pondering for an eternity, Which came first, Self loathing or self doubt? Either way, my credo is "JUST don't bother to DO IT"*

You have come to the end of the page and you're still here. Obviously you have not been depressed enough.


Douglas Adams: 1952-2001 Goodbye and Thanks for all the fish, you will never be forgotten

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